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Shanghai Yunsheng Microelectronics CO. LTD. (SYM) was founded in Shanghai in 1999 by Mr Shi Linsheng. SYM is the sales partner of the German company Analog Microelectronics GmbH and is responsible for the marketing of their standard integrated circuits (ICs) and OEM pressuresensors in China. By collaborating closely with one partner only SYM has been able to build up its competence in relation to the range of ICs it distributes, making it able to confidently meet the many requirements of its clients.

Standard ICs from Analog Microelectronics GmbH are primarily cost-efficient analog ICs for various methods of detection and sensor applications.

The ICs are supplied as ASSPs (Application-Specific Standard Products) and can be used as classic stand-alone circuits with analog signal outputs which have been optimized for use in conjunction with processors. On the one hand this provides users with cost-sensitive sensors which need only a minimum number of components and can meet lower requir em ents for levels of accuracy. In combination with processors these devices can also be used to create complex measuring cells in miniaturized designs.

Analog Microelectronics designs and produces a multitude of OEM pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for a wide range of applications for example in the field of automotive, automation, HVAC and medical industries. The pressure sensors and transmitters are available for various pressure ranges and for (bidirectional) differential, gage, absolute and barometric pressure.



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